Holidays (2 of 3)

*** warning: long post ***

Here’s the second batch of holiday pictures. These are all from Christmas day itself, when we drove to my parents’ for a very relaxing afternoon of eating and playing games. (We don’t really ever put the TV on during the holidays. It’s so excellent.)

You can tell I am relaxed because I have even taken pictures of the dining table. I have got to be *pretty* *dang* *calm* to wander off and do that kind of thing. You’ll see my dad is reading a story that Rose presented to him about one of her favorite memories: when he squirted whipped cream into her mouth directly from the can last Thanksgiving. I also love the shot of Sam getting excited about a toothbrush. He was so pumped for present opening that he was excited about a TOOTHBRUSH! Dad made Dorrie her own dressing table, in which she admired herself thoroughly, but she was more interested in the bubble wrap. And Mom did a superb job with hostessing. She always goes that extra mile with the table and menu…

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