First, get in touch by phone or email and let me know some details about you – how many kids do you have? Where are you located? Did you have a date in mind? I’ll get right back to you and we will discuss the best time and location for your session. It may be in my studio (click for pictures), your home, an outdoor spot – or a combination of these. We will also discuss how you might use your final pictures so that I am sure to meet your requirements. The main goal is to enjoy your time in front of the camera, and I can make this happen by getting lots of good info in advance.

Sessions are paid for in advance. Your date will be held when payment is received.


Plenty. I’ll probably shoot over 200 pictures during an average family session. This gets edited down to 30 or so absolutely perfect, stunning edited images. I aim to capture a range of portraits for each client that include close-ups of each child, full-length images running and playing, some that are more introspective, kids together, kids with their parents, a few traditional ones to keep grandma happy, and a few artsty-fartsy ones to keep me happy. Of course you won’t be aware of all this because I simply give families a gentle prompt and let them do their thing!


During our session, we will discuss a good time for you to come into the studio and view your images at an ordering session. Ordering normally take place about a week after the session. At the ordering session you will also be given details for an online gallery which will be active for three days only to share with friends and family.

Ordering sessions allow you enjoy a slideshow of your images and to see your selections in detail on a large screen. You can view different paper samples, color treatments and check out the gorgeous products and gifts that are available. The software used at the studio is built specifically for displaying portraits and has many features to help you visualize finished images in your home. I feel that digital photography and website ordering is fantastic, but they are not a substitute for real client service.


Any item that is meaningful to you or your child can be brought to the session. You might consider a child’s rocking chair, a funky basket, an heirloom quilt, or a special toy. I have photographed a baby with the Stanley Cup (yes, the real one), a girl with a guitar, three boys with a frog…. 

More importantly, you will need to bring a happy disposition. Children can and will get very stressed out if they see their parents getting stressed out. I recommend that you do not build up our session in your child’s mind, and do not tell them they will get a treat afterward. Simply get yourselves ready and head out the door. I will make sure that your child has a good time and gets rewarded at the end. Think of our session as a chance to relax and play with your children. I may also ask parents to wander off during the session so that I can focus on the children alone. Please don’t take offense! If we are outside you can just take a stroll somewhere within view and your children will be able to concentrate on me.


Allow for at least an hour in front of the camera. I do not rush you or your children and I allow plenty of time to get used to the setting before we start. It is important that your child likes me and feels like they can cooperate with me. Any time that we have to break for new clothes, feeds, diapers, juiceboxes or wiggles is absolutely fine. Newborns take at least two hours. This allows time to capture them both awake and asleep and in a variety of poses.