What to wear

Family photographs are a legacy of who your family was for future generations to enjoy. Most importantly, these are your pictures, not mine. So it is most important that you are happy with what you are wearing. I am very happy to talk in detail about your clothing options and also to work with you on the day of your session to add the final touches. Remember that you may do several clothing changes during a standard portrait session. I do, nonetheless, have a few initial suggestions…

T I P S:

  • Pick a color palette you love and piece together items from that palette. Try to keep to a set of colors so that no one sticks out in your family. Think of blues and greys, browns and greens. oranges and creams…. This does not mean be boring – it just means don’t dress everyone in blue except for little Johnny, who has a bright yellow sweater on.
  • Add accessories to pump up an un-inspiring outfit. A hat, scarf or necklace can provide a great pop of color
  • Bring toys or other fun items that your kids love. These props will help mark this special time in your kids’ life and help your child feel at ease. Suggestions: balloons, kites, dolls, teddy bears.
  • Aim for only one pattered outfit for every three or four people in family shoots.
  • Dress babies as babies.
  • Avoid sleeveless shirts, high necklines, turtlenecks and any clothing with logos or writing on them.
  • If you aren’t confident about using pattern, choose texture instead. Knit sweaters, chambray, cable-knit, and corduroy and simple and easy choices.
  • Opt for simple shoes. Avoid bulky white gym shoes, action-figure shoes, or anything with trademarked characters. Solid colored shoes and boots are great.
  • Think layers! Boys look good in a dress shirt over a t-shirt. Girls look good with cropped jackets and sweaters over long tops.
  • Women should wear slightly fitted clothes. On ladies, a fitted top and jeans/skirt is much more flattering than loose clothes which will catch the wind or sag and add unwanted pounds.

And finally :

If you arrive to your session with white shirts and khakis I will send you home to change. I’m serious.